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    Cobre - Latin Fusion Tapas

    I am a huge fan of restaurants that offer small plates. So when an excited friend messaged me raving about a Latin fusion tapas place she had gone to for dinner, I was excited! On the night of my last exam I took the chance to b-line it straight to Cobres for some celebration wine and some good food.

    At first I was hesitant to give this place a try because I adore messy Mexican food and wasn’t sure if I would enjoy a fancy small plate dinner charging $15/plate for something I can get down my street for $5 bucks. Well, I am very glad I took a chance here because I had no complaints about any of the dishes. In fact I enjoyed it so much I am planning on taking a few more friends here next weekend!

    Ceviche: Steelhead Trout 

    I had never had trout raw before but enjoyed it. The texture reminded me of salmon belly sashimi. I loved the fact there was jalapeños and pineapple in it, unexpected but very successful flavour combo. 

    Ceviche: Albacore Tuna

    Once again the meat was tender and very fatty, which I love! This is fusion food so don’t expect the regular citrous ceviche flavours. Think more West Coast flavours infused with Mexican and Latin ingredients.  

    Cheese Papusas with Chilli Tomato Jam

    As soon as I saw the word papusas I was sold! These came in miniature sizes with a “chilli tomato jam” - basically a mild salsa. Traditionally they come a lot flatter and less doughy but I still enjoyed these. Great starter plate. 

    Sea-salt & Chipotle dusted fry bread.

    What a great invention and not greasy at all! Warning they do have a nice kick to them; if you are a weary spice eater you might want to keep a glass of their cucumber infused water near by.

    Check out the chewy bread texture. Drool worthy goodness!

    Pulled Duck Taco with Roasted Garlic

    I remembered reading on Follow Me Foodie that these are apparently a hit so I made a note to leave room in my stomach for at least one taco. I thought the flavours were mild (I like my food well seasoned) but the duck was very tender and juicy. 

    Pulled Beef Croquettes with Jalapeno Roasted Garlic Chimichurri

    Who ever decided to fry a ball of pulled beef is a genius!!!!!! The meat was tender and juicy like all the other dishes so far and packed full of beef flavour. The smeared chimichurri on top complimented it so well. 

    Maple Chipotle Tamarind Glazed Wild Boar Belly

    Basically this is glazed 3inch thick cut bacon that has been slow cooked. ALERT ALL BACON LOVERS!!!!!

    De-constructed coconut banana cream pie

    I forgot what the dessert’s real name was and I can seem to find it on the website but my made up name for it basically describes it. I enjoyed it but thought the ratio of coconut to banana was way out of balance. If you are a coconut lover this would definitely be the perfect ending to your night!

    The portions were a lot larger than I thought most plates would feed 3-4 people. Like I said I look forward to another dinner here soon and would recommend this place to anyone looking for something fun to try for dinner but keep an open mind. Do not expect Latin or Mexican food but a fusion of it with West Coast foods. 

    Foodie recommendations: Perfect for date nights or a good lining to your stomach before a night out and don’t forget to give the fry bread a try or the pulled beef!


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