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    Cafe Regalade - Brunch with the Ladies

    After waking up and endlessly searching for a new place to check out for brunch with my two favourite ladies (Tracy and Monica), I finally gave up and tweeted @followmefoodie for some well needed recommendations. I was tempted to visit the Red Wagon but weary of the thought of a line-up. Thankfully @followmefoodie responding quickly with a suggestion to Cafe Regalade. After a quick google of the menu I was sold on the thought of a hot skillet breakfast!

    We started out with mimosas for drinks (it was brunch after all) and each of us ordered a different breakfast so I could try everything (my friends know me too well by now).  

    Monica ordered the Paris Breakfast with 2 sunny side up eggs, cooked ham, panfried tomatoes, swiss cheese, potatoes, and salad. I expected sliced grilled tomatoes but everything was in a comforting stew, which is way better than what I originally thought it was. It came with french baguette slices to soak up the juices and dip in the runny egg yolk. 

    I ordered the Basque Breakfast with piperade, chorizo, aioli sauce, potatoes, and salad. Once again it was a thick stew with bread to soak up the hot mess of mainly chorizo and bell peppers. Pure french-comfort-food. 

    Tracy, who’s on a “strict healthy food only” diet because she’s convinced she needs to be more toned for her up coming trip to Miami, ordered the Healthy Breakfast. It came with 2 boiled eggs, low fat yogurt, fruit salad, home made granola, milk, and dipping soldiers (fried bread sticks…healthy right?). The granola was a bit too sweet for me but I stole Tracy’s yogurt and used it as dipping sauce for my potatoes and she did feed me a dipping soldier with yolk. Honestly I recommend the skillets but if you are looking for a lighter alternative give this breakfast a try but I’m sure the calorie count in both meals are pretty close (all that sugar in the granola and fried bread!?!?).

    I had also ordered a side of Pate (chicken and pork liver). It was kind of dry with only mild flavours, nothing fabulous but not bad either. I would recommend this to someone wanting to try pate for their first time since it’s so mild. 

    I loved this place and their deliciously, massive skillet breakfast options and yes of course I will be coming back here! For brunch it goes right up there along with Cafe Medina, Acacia Fillo Bar, Acme Cafe and of course Jethro’s. Thank you Follow Me Foodie for such a fabulous suggestion!

    Foodie Recommendation: I never got to try their desserts because I was so stuffed by the end of my main but from what I heard and saw they sound/look amazing. Give them a go and let me know how it goes!


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