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    The One - Bubble Tea on Steroids

    This place has bubble tea on steroids, I kid you not. Unfortunately I didn’t order a slush drink so I don’t have proof of the mounds of slush bubble tea you receive here, so I guess your going to have  go here and see for yourself. Ha, you see what I did there? (lured your in)

    I have been dying to check out this place since there has been rave reviews from all my friends but it’s so out of the way from where I live I kept pushing it aside. Now that I have gone and feasted here, I honestly wish I had made the trip sooner.

    Ready for the feast?!?!?!?!? The food here comes in large sharing portions, which is a complete bonus.

    Friend tofu with pickled cucumber.

    Chicken nugget friend rice - yes sounds ridiculous and something a 5 year old kid would make but it was recommended by our waiter and I sure as hell don’t regret eating the mounds of MSG. So good! Asian comfort food good.

    Spicy marinated bamboo shoot.

    Milk tea with red bean.

    && the dessert - a mountain of shaved ice with coconut jelly, mangoes, strawberries, mango syrup, and strawberry syrup.

    This is probably the most unhealthiest meal but honestly it was great. My new favorite bubble tea joint hands down. 

    Foodie recommendation: Order a slush bubble tea, its literally 18 inches high.


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