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    Acacia Fillo Bar

    I use to work near Acacia and I can’t believe I have never noticed this place before. Thank you Urbanspoon and its users for helping me uncover this small but precious gem in our city.

    Acacia Fillo Bar is going onto my list of favorite brunch spots in Vancouver. Brunch is probably my favorite meal of the day on weekends. It gives my friends and I a chance to enjoy a comforting meal and laugh over last nights events.

    Usually it’s pretty busy here (according the the waitress) and the Fillo (spelled phyllo normally) pastries are baked fresh to order, so come with some patience and enjoy the whole experience of dining here by sipping on one of their many refreshments like the freshly squeezed orange juice.

    Breakfast Fillo - Ham, bacon, cheese, and spinach. This was my favorite! I had asked for some yogurt on the side, the cool sauce complimented it well.

    Steak and Mushroom Fillo - Good if you like tonnes of meat but lacked seasoning.

    Eggs Benny - ham and sausage topped with yoghurt. Well-made but I needed a large dose of hollandaise sauce, which they didn’t have available.

    Over-all I love this little cafe and I look forward to eating brunch here on another weekend soon or even coming back for dinner and giving the dessert Fillo’s a try.

    Foodie Recommendations: Stop reading and drop by to give this place a try. Remember to try one of their many stuffed Fillos! I promise there will be no regrets. 


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    — 2 years ago
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