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    Black + Blue

    I have been procrastinating about posting this fairly new steak house, Black+Blue having not fully made up my mind about how I feel about my experience there yet. Usually I avoid dining at Glowbal Group owned restaurants because the food is always either “not the greatest and overly priced for what it is” OR my other response is “really….”. I can see Glowbal’s target market and how they are trying to sell the whole concept of a unique dining experience and not just the food itself but I can honestly say the food could be a lot better than it currently is. 

    As you can see the interior of Black+Blue was very impressive, with their famous pink Himalayan salt wall containing all the meats. I would consider taking friends here for drinks before a night out but not a famished foodie. 

    I was invited out by a couple of close friends for a rare dinner with all of us together, therefore I could not turn down the offer. Plus I am willing to give any restaurant a try at least more than once despite the negative reviews. Everyone has bad days right?

    If your are reading this you probably aren’t wanting to hear me ramble on about who or what I’ll do here so lets jump right into what I had to eat. (Did you catch the mild joke in my wording)

    Beef Carpaccio - There was a lemon but not grilled like they claimed, and I couldn’t see any arugula. The beef had an odd flavor to it…I’m allowed to say this because I have had many beef carpaccios countless time and this was the worst, specially if it’s a $16 plate of thinly spread beef…presentation wasn’t too pleasant either - I have no problem spending beyond a $100 for my meal as long as it taste good.

    Crispy Calamari - I managed to steal one piece of the calamari before the boys emptied out the plate. It was crispy and wasn’t chewy. 

    Shrimp Cocktail - No idea what it taste like but I didn’t hear any complaints from the boys. 

    Oyster Rockefeller - I had no idea what’s going on with this dish. The salt was a bad idea because it got into the sides of the oyster shells and overwhelmed the flavor if there was any. All I tasted was salt, a lot of it too.

    Prawn Saute - I liked the prawns the best, the sauce was nice. The waiter had suggested some bread to soak up the buttery sauce, which was a thoughtful suggestion.

    Mac & Cheese - It’s sold as a side dish if your curious to try and wondering where is it on the menu. Nice concept but I wish the 3 cheese sauce had actual flavor to it. My friend Tracy who fears the strong taste of cheeses, complained there was no flavor to the sauce - that’s saying something. 

    Bread - The bread surprised me. I didn’t expect it to taste like a sweet chinese pastry bun. Not bad if I had wanted chinese pastries…

    Louie Salad with Lobster - Presentation was disastrous but the flavors where not ok (butter milk ranch dressing resemblance) but I would of liked to see at least one chunk of lobster. The lobster meat was smashed to a smaller consistency than canned tuna. 

    Salmon - Bacon makes everything taste better.

    Beef Tenderloin - The steaks were a la carte. I really wish I had something positive to say. Maybe it was that particular beef choice or the cut of it but it was dry. Medium rare and dry usually don’t go together as describing words for steak. 

    Prime Rib - This cut had a lot more fat marbling in it naturally therefore it was a lot more juicy and tender. The yorkshire pudding was a pleasant addition. This was the only cut offered with sides, a 10oz was $29 which wasn’t bad at all. 

    Coq au Vin - It’s chicken and I liked it because it wasn’t dry. The flavors where bland  but that seemed to be the theme going on tonight so it didn’t come as a shock.

    Broccoli - Nice crunch, good portion.

    Mash Potatoes - Smooth texture and buttery.

    Our main course took awhile to come out. Ordered a drink and the waiter had forgotten. Asked to pack something to go and it was thrown away. There were apologizes and a new leg was cooked up but the excuse was the one server didn’t speak much english. That’s one hell of an excuse because I don’t understand why he would be working at a place where the number one requirement should be understand your customers needs but at least our main waiter was pleasant, forgetful but pleasant.

    Foodie recommendations: Nice place to entertain guest and friends or have a meal with a date but if you are a Foodie looking for the next great chow, this would not be the place for you.

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    — 2 years ago
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