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    Woodland Smokehouse & Commissary

    There was an article in the Metro promoting a newly opened smoked meat shop down from where I live. I recall reading from the article the words crusty bread, grainy mustard, and thick slices of meat - I was sold!

    Two days later on a rare sunny afternoon, I made the trip down Commercial drive scouting out the deli. The Metro had mentioned the store front can be easily missed if you aren’t purposely looking for it. From the outside it looks like a factory of some sorts or a small community center…I would of never guessed this placed contained such delicious slabs of meat! Woodland’s has only been open a week but I can sense it’s going to create a buzz soon in our lovely city. 


    Walking in I was extremely excited to try every form of smoked meat that was displayed. I settled with the freshly baked sausage rolls (plain and jalapeno), a turkey pate on a whole wheat baguette and some cold potato-bacon salad.

    I can honestly declare the sausage rolls as the best I have EVER had. It was extremely buttery and flaky but in a chewy-doughy way. Excuse the run on of describing words but seriously! And did I mention the actual sausage wrapped up inside of it?!? It’s a wonderful marrying of flavors. Please if you make a stop here, go for the sausage rolls! There will be no regrets unless you are trying to avoid clogged arteries for health reasons ha…

    The potato salad had a nice smokey flavor to it because of the thick chunks of smoked pork belly mixed in. Smoke and pork belly with potatoes - no further explanation needed.

    My favorite is the sandwich with that wonderful mix of turkey pate. I recall the owner mentioning there were cherries in it and his intention was to create a “stuffing” themed pate. Whatever his intentions where, the final product turned out fabulous! 

    They are new so Vancouverites come down and show some support to this awesome joint!


    Ps…Did I mention they have baked goods too??? Earl grey donuts or bacon topped donuts eh?

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    — 2 years ago
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