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    Happa Izakaya (Robson)

    I love the service at the Robson location, the manager there (Matt?) is very talented in mirroring the guest and relating to them with his light in the moment jokes. 

    I have dinned here countless times ( both Robson and Yaletown) and have always left either super satisfied or overwhelmed by the amount of salt that goes into the food here. It’s honestly a 50/50 when it comes to the food taste (depends on who’s cooking and if they’re super busy or not) but I would continue to come here on weekends because of its suitable weekend ambiance. I recommend almost everything on the menu and believe it all should be given a try - EXCEPT for the “tuna tacos”, tacos are in quotations because what I saw and tasted did not resemble a taco of any sorts (cause I sure know GOOD Mexican food). Overall it’s a nice place to eat, drink, and have a few drunken (drunken is always optional) laughs with friends or for a nice date with your mate.                 

    Foodie recommendations: Skip the rolls and go for the rest of the stuff on the fresh sheet IF they aren’t sold out yet.


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    — 2 years ago
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