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    The American CheeseSteak Co.

    I know cake for breakfast and Cheesesteaks for lunch; if Marie Antoinette was still alive with her head on she would of approve of this indulgent day off food. If ya’ll have no idea to what I am referring to, check out the post before this one. 

    This place opened up a few months ago with Anthony Stedlak (Food Network host for the Main) as the chef. With his expertise of good eats, that would explain the constant stream of meat-hungry customers lining up daily for their greasy fix. 

    Since there was a long day of Foodie adventures ahead of us, we settled for the main attractions: the Philly (with sauteed onions and provolone cheese), the Big Shot (with wagyu beef, sauteed mushrooms, crispy onions, truffle aioli and fontina cheese), and finally the ACC Fries (tossed in garlic, parsley, and parmesan) with a side of truffle aioli.

    The food came quickly and sizzling hot. Our 6inch subs were packed with tender, juicy meat hot off the grill and cheese that could hardly be contained by the bun. It was a sloppy hell of a mess but in the greatest way possible! The crispy fries served as a nice carb-break in between the meaty bites of the Cheesesteak.

    Foodie Recommendations: Even for the strong eaters out there, I would still suggest ordering a 6incher to start off with. That shits intense.

    Amen to meat and cheese!

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    — 2 years ago
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