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    Ki-Isu Japanese Restaurant: Loyal for 7yrs & counting

    I know I have mentioned Ki-Isu before in a short post but I thought I blog about it again since my revisit here reminded me of how much I adore this little corner in Yaletown.  I have been eating here for at least 7yrs now, and it still taste as wonderful as the first time I wandered into the shop hungry.

    Salmon Nuggets. Crispy and light. 

    Chopped Scallop & Taro sushi.  Fresh, and well prepared with a decent price.  

    Dynamite roll. Usually, I never order this roll but at Ki-Isu its made with the right portion of rice and the its a nice mix of texture.

    Crunch Crunch roll. This roll is a top seller here. Its a combo of the spicy tuna roll with bits of tempera and tobiko piled on with Japanese mayo drizzled on top. It’s honestly, one of the best sushi rolls I have ever had! A must try for Ki-Isu.

    Perfect spot for a cold day in need of some miso soup or a nice lunch outdoors with a scenic view of a waterfront and park.

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    — 2 years ago
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