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    Bao Bei Chinese Brasserie

    Recently my friend treated me to a wonderful meal at Bao Bei.

    I have made several attemts to dine here but always at the last minute, something gets in the way of my tasty dinner plans. I was very excited to finally get my paws on these small plates!

    Sorry foodie’s your going to have to excuse me for a few blurry pictures. My iphone camera wasn’t cooperating but I soon realized an iphone 4s wouldn’t fail me in the camera department and realized it was my gel casing causing the blur.  

    Looking pass the fuzzy snap shot of seasonal Chinese pickles, focus on the sauce marinating the pickles. That sauce (I wish I had asked what was in it) made me love cucumbers once more!  Maybe its because the cumbers were slightly pickled to cover up the fresh cumber taste but I chomped on every bit of them with complete satisfaction. A little background on my taste-buds: I spent a good 7yrs pretending I had a rare allergy to fresh cucumbers. Why? Once when I was 8yrs old, out of the blue the smell of fresh cucumbers made me extremely nauseous since than it’s been tough for me to eat them. Since I realized my love for food (15yrs old), I have been forcing myself to eat bits and pieces believing my taste-buds can be trained to be able to enjoy them once more.

    Octopus Salad.  Good grill flavor, and I love the confit garlic!! The vinegar from the pickles balanced everything nicely.  I would recommend this as a starter to anyone.

    Crispy Pork Belly. It’s not exactly “crispy” but on the other hand it’s extremely tender, and I honestly believe all pork should be cooked into the same state as this piece of belly. My chopstick easily tore apart the meat and the flavors were bold and wild (can’t go wrong with garlic & chilies).

    Shao Bing. If you step foot in Bao Bei and don’t give this sandwich a go, your experience here will not be complete. - Warning it’s HOT, attempt with caution.

    Steamed truffled pork dumplings. Nice pork flavor, enhanced with the truffle (oil I am assuming).

    Squid. Cooked in a way my own mom would do it: with pork belly and bok choi but my mom of course would over cook the squid till it was rubbery…Asian moms and there paranoia for raw food. Sigh…Bao Bei’s squid on the other hand was tender and no where near rubbery. 

    I also had  a chance to meat Joël the chef of Bao Bei’s small plates. He’s extremely passionate about food and his work, strongly believing in food done the right way. Joël, is not originally a Chinese trained chef but was hand picked to be the creative mind here because of his fresh take on food.  Bravo to him because the outcome has been fabulous. He mentioned his scattered ideas for his own restaurant in the same area soon (quote “when the time is right”), and I will be there supporting him 100%.

    During our conversation, he brought up the ethics a food blogger should have and that’s what inspired me to write a piece on creating awareness of ethics and the power of a blogger.

    To conclude, Foodies get your well oiled jaws to Bao Bei. 

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