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    As I have mentioned before, I am obsessed about digging up new good eats around town, so I try and avoid large chain restaurants. It’s been almost 2years since I’ve been to Ebisu on Robson. I went here reluctantly because Guu was over crowded and I was with a large crowd of hungry friends.

    But I was pleasantly reminded of their friendly service and scrumptious food! Good food, tasty recommendations, and fast service!

    We ordered several dishes - I was too busy socializing to snap pictures but if you decided to give this place a go at any location the friendly waitresses would be glad to recommend something you’ll be pleased with.  I enjoyed all their specialty rolls; no memory of what we ordered because the waiter ordered for us. 

    At night it’s a more lounge-like, dining experience. Perfect place to stuff a stomach full before a night out or have lunch/an early dinner during their happy hour if you want a quieter meal. 

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