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    Seb’s Market Cafe

    For the longest time I have walked pass this dark storefront unsure of what type of restaurant it was. Until a friend mentioned she’s been eager to try a brunch place called Seb’s. Any place where a friend is eager to try has my attention and this one had it. 

    When the chance arose for some Friday morning brunch, I walked right to Seb’s. Inside there’s a humble display of freshly baked bread. Looking at the presentation of baked good and collective art work inside, I had a hinting suggestion this was going to be a good meal.

    On Yelp, there were several suggestions on the Eggs Benedict - and eggs bennys it was! The pictures weren’t great because, well the star of the show is smothered in savory harvarti cheese sauce (instead of the traditional hollandaise sauce). My dinning partner Donnie had the ham and I went with the smoked salmon with an added grilled portobello mushroom. The cheese sauce wasn’t overwhelming, and the slight saltiness of it coaxed out the flavor of the proteins gently. I was one happy hippy on Broadway street. 

    To finish things off: Banana Bread French Toast with berry sauce & maple syrup. Now there are two happy hippies on Broadway (Donnie has a gigantic sweet tooth).

    I would recommend this place to any one looking for local, fresh, and home style food. It’s not a cheap eat but with these quality ingredients, it honestly shows in the food and it’s well worth putting down an extra buck for a perfect start to any day.   

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    — 2 years ago
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