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    Ethics of a Food Blogger

    The ethics of food blogging has never occurred to me but after a short conversation with Joel, chef of the explosively popular Bao Bei. I had some new light shed on this grey-area of a topic:

    -Most chefs despise food bloggers because most food bloggers have no idea what they are talking about to start off with.

    -No one should criticize anything before they have been educated in the subject.

    -Bloggers don’t realize restaurants have bad days, and shouldn’t rip apart some chef’s life time of work because of one bad meal.

    -Bloggers don’t realize with a popular blog, you can destroy a restaurant with your terrible uneducated, unfair, and unprofessional review. 

    Those were some main points brought up our talk.  I would have to agree with everything stated above and I am proud to say on my personal loosely-titled “food” blog, I don’t do any of those crimes listed above. I am quite fair, and if I was to criticize a plate of food mildly - I make it clear it’s my opinion and would still suggest readers to go give it a try. To clarify things further, my blog is a collection of restaurants I have explored around town and on my travels - think more journal like. It also consist of odd ends and bits of my personal life for readers to enjoy. 

    If any food blogger does stumble on this post, I desperately encourage them to take this topic into consideration before tearing apart some meal you had with your judgement.

    Ethics of a food blogger is not a popular topic outside of the world of the back room (kitchen); this is my attempt to create awareness. Spread it.

    (please forgive me Joel if you ever so happen to read this and notice your name isn’t spelled with the proper “e” but I couldn’t figure it out how to do it)

    — 2 years ago
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