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    Demo’s Steak and Spaghetti

    We had 2hours to spare during the seminars so we decided to fill our belly’s at Demo’s. What caught our attention to go here was an ad plastered in the convention center for dishes under $10. 

    The food here isn’t great but good enough for a nice lunch, specially with the affordable prices. The service was fantastic though! I am not sure if its just the southern style of treating strangers like family or waitresses are trained very well down south. What ever it might be, I am in love with the people down there!

    I had the seafood creamy pasta with added grilled shrimp. The sauce was too thick for me and artificial crab isn’t exactly my favorite but the shrimp was fresh and well cooked.  My girl Sarah had the grilled tilapia fish - fresh, tender and well seasoned but her side order of chicken spaghetti was watery and under-seasoned. The final verdict: go for fresh seafood dishes here. 

    I left the bread dissect last because it was the best darn thing I ate in Nashville (besides Morton’s steak).  Soaked in butter, fresh, and hot. AND it’s bottomless!!!!


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