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    Morton’s - the Steakhouse in Nashville, TN

    The company I work for is based in Nashville, TN and the last time I was here I was put in an intense sales school with barely anytime to sleep. Since this was a “casual” seminar, I figured I take some time to explore Nashville properly with my girl Sarah. First night there, we splurged big time at Morton’s. I couldn’t resist the chance to eat steak and have a fancy dinner with one of my fellow foodie friends, Sarah (she was the one that dragged me to Toshi).  

    My first impression of the place, as the valet man dashed to our taxi door to greet us was damn this is going to be a great night! Walking into the place it gave a very 50’s cigarettes and champagne vibe. One thing I could say that really stuck with me even a week after I have dined here was the service.  The waitress was so friendly and willing to help make suggestions. She was stumped on helping us find the right wine so she steered an expert to us. He was disappointed they didn’t carry the wine I had requested (Oyster Bay-Sauvignon Blanc) but on the first try he easily found a replacement for us! We ended up with the whole bottle than some…It was that good and I am disappointed at myself for not jotting the name down. 

    Another thing to rant about is the bread there. They served us a gigantic round loaf of grain encrusted, warm bread as we settled down. I had to force myself to put my butter knife down and literally sit on top of my hands, to resist ruining my appetite with that wonderful loaf of bread. 

    For appetizers, Sarah couldn’t decide what to get so we settled for a cold seafood sampler and a crab cake. The oysters and the lobster had this milky, buttery taste to it and the crab cake was packed with so much crab I couldn’t see a trace of filler almost. The only negative thing I can say about our starters was the crab cake could of been more crisp on the outside besides that everything was extremely fresh.

    The star of the night was the steak of course. What’s nice about Morton’s is they present to you all the cuts of meat on a trolley letting you learn a bit about how each was aged and what cuts are available. Our rib-eye steak was cooked to the perfect medium rare with pan juices drizzled over. There’re no complaints about this slab of meat only plenty of complaints to the chef! To go with our main we had spinach with mushrooms, and grilled balsamic asparagus - both very tasty.  

    Desserts - I have never seen such an extensive list of desserts available at a restaurant not specific to sweets. Everything from lava cake, creme brulee, lemon meringue pie, key lime pie, apple pie, and carrot cake. Honestly, the list never ended.  I stopped our waitress from listing out the desserts as soon as I heard, “fresh cheese cake flown in from Boston” - BEST CHEESE CAKE EVER! Apparently it won some New York cheese cake contest - that would explain a lot.  What made it perfect? Probably because you can actually see vanilla bean in the cheese cake, and the texture was firm but smooth just like a New York cheese cake should be.

    That concludes our 2hour, splendid dinner at Morton’s.


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