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    Clough Club

    This place has been open for only a couple of weeks in the highly reputable Gastown.  The decor surely lives up to the vibe of this part of town. Walking past it a day before the new year looking for a place to snack and drink before the night continues I noticed this matte black store front called Clough calling out to me. My girl friend and well known dining partner of mine (Monica) agreed to give this place a go.  Seating ourselves at the bar I was pleased with the great service the bartender (possible the owner too) provided, helping us by throwing out detailed suggestions on the menu.

    Monica settled with the libertine, it was nice to sip on (a bit strong on the tequila if you dont like strong drinks) and I had something with whiskey and citrous (unsure of name). My drink was a suggestion from the bartender and it was fabulous.

    Food was fresh and made promptly.  The Tuna&Avocado salad on a bed of Arugula with a zesty dressing was simple letting the flavours pop.  Oysters were fresh and well chilled along with a great mignonette sauce.  

    If you are in the area with a fellow foodie go give this place a try!

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