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    Juno Vancouver Sushi Bistro

    This new and small sushi place needs more recognition! Juno for sure has top notch quality sushi. The food is unique from most places; the chefs add a twist to each dish with layers of different flavours.  


    This gem wedged on Davie street between Downtown and 
    Yaletown is probably the best sushi I had in a long time. Just from their menu greeting you instantly develop this trust with the food about to be served.

    What’s great about their menu is there are little side notes of recommendations beside most items. The Super Spicy Tuna was a “must try”. This roll lived up to its recommendation because after devouring the first roll barely chewing from my holiday shopping hunger; I was tempted to order a second round.

    We also had Assorted Sushi, Ebi Mayo, Beef Tataki, Sushimi Salad, Salmon&Tuna Sushimi, Yaki Udon, Miso Soup and a large order of Saki. Unfortunately from my hunger I had totally forgotten to take photos through out my meal but I promise any Vancouverites who visit this sushi bistro won’t regret a single thing on the menu. The Ebi Mayo came with a surprise twist and the Beef Tataki had a delicate vinegar flavour I didn’t expect.   

    I will be coming back several more times this winter break. Glad I can finally cross off such a rare place on my restaurant bucket list!

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